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Job Opening: Associate Professor/Professor in Biblical Studies

Associate Professor/Professor in Biblical Studies at the Department of History and Religious Studies. Arctic University of Norway TROMSØ

Application deadline: 27. April 2015

Applications must be marked: Ref. 2015/339

The Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education has an opening for a permanent 100% position as Associate Professor/Professor from May 1, 2015. The position is affiliated to the Department of History and Religious Studies.

For further information about the position, contact Head of Department, Fredrik Fagertun, tel. +47 776 46176, email:

The application must be submitted electronically via the application form available on this paga (

The position’s affiliation

The Department of History and Religious Studies is part of the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education. The department has 16 permanent academic positions, of which 10 are in History and 6 are in Religious Studies. In addition there are two Ph.D. positions in Religious Studies at the moment. The academic staff of the department teaches and gives supervision to students at all levels from bachelor to Ph.D. Three of the permanent positions, including the position in Biblical Studies, are in Christian theology. Together with practical theology, these positions contribute to the education that qualifies individuals for service as a minister in the Church of Norway. Research and teaching in the theological disciplines are conducted in cooperation with the Religious Studies staff.

The position’s field of research/field of work

A prerequisite for the advertised position in Biblical Studies is basic theological education and a completed Ph.D. in either the Old or the New Testament. The position involves research within one’s own field of expertise, teaching and supervision. The position also involves responsibility for developing the theological discipline.

Applicants will be assessed by an expert committee. During the assessment process, emphasis will be placed on submitted academic work. Broad teaching experience, preferably in both the field of the Old and of the New Testament, is an advantage. The ability to initiate and successfully lead research projects and other relevant experience will also be an asset. Due to the resources available within the university, teaching experience in Biblical Hebrew will be beneficial. The successful candidate can be assigned teaching duties outside the field of Biblical Studies.

Qualification requirements

For appointment as an Associate Professor/Professor, it is required that the applicant has:

  • Norwegian doctoral degree in the subject area concerned or a corresponding foreign doctoral degree recognised as equivalent to a Norwegian doctoral degree


  • competence at a corresponding level documented by academic work of the same scope and quality

Further, applicants must be able to document teaching qualifications in the form of university-level teaching seminars, other teaching education or through having developed a teaching portfolio. Alternatively, after carrying out an assessment of the applicant’s practical teaching skills, the committee may determine that this can be regarded as of equal value to formal teaching qualifications. For further information about requirements for teaching qualifications, read the website teacher training courses.

Personal suitability will also be taken into account.

Applicants should have a good command of Norwegian or another Scandinavian language. Non-Scandinavian speakers must have a good command of English and be willing to learn Norwegian within 2 years.