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Membership is open to all members of the International Sociological Association.

It is also open to non-ISA members, though only ISA members get discounts on conference attendance, access to electronic journals, discounts on Sage Publications books, etc.

Join the ISA’s Research Committee on the Sociology of Religion

The ISA provides a small amount of scholarship money to attend our conferences.  

Typically, these cover registration fees, though applicants need to be members of the ISA and the RC to apply.  We also try to arrange low-cost housing for those who need it.

We particularly encourage graduate students and younger scholars to join our Research Committee. Attending our conferences is the best way to meet colleagues from around the world.

ISA Membership

ISA individual membership fees cover a 4-year period (January 1 – December 31) and include an on-line subscription to ISA journals: Current Sociology and International Sociology.

Applications received until October 15 will be processed for the current calendar year; applications received after October 15 will be processed for the following calendar year. ISA membership fee is not refundable.

ISA membership fees are divided into:

  • Regular, Life and Student fees

Life membership is available after 70; a copy of identity documentation showing birth date is required.
Students (until PhD completion) are requested to provide a copy of their student card or another official confirmation of their status. ISA membership fee depends on the country in which the documents proving student status were issued.

  • Economy categories  A, B, and C

Membership fees are based on country of current residence. Countries are classified into 3 categories, A, B and C, according to the Gross National Income of the economy of countries.

Find actual fees and more information here

RC22 Membership

Affiliation fees to join Research Committee 22 cover a 4-year period (January 1 – December 31).

The affiliation fees, as ISA fees, distinguish Economy Categories A, B and C

As of September 2021, fees are:

Category A
Category B
Category C
USD 30
USD 20
USD 10

Join ISA & / or / RC22 on ISA Website here