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Journal Announcement: Approaching Religion 7/2–theme: The “Beauty Fallacy”: Religion, science and the aesthetics of knowledge

Dear Colleagues,

We are happy to announce the publication of Vol. 7/2 of our journal Approaching Religion.

Theme: The “Beauty Fallacy”: Religion, science and the aesthetics of knowledge

Guest editors: Prof. Alexandra Grieser & Dr. Arianna Borrelli.

You find the journal at our NEW JOURNAL PLATFORM:

AR has now permanently moved to the, upheld by the Federation for Finnish Learned Societies. Please note that you need to register a new username (choosing the roles reader, author and/or reviewer) at the new website, even if you have been registered with AR before.

AR is an open access journal published by the Donner Institute. Its purpose is to publish current research on religion and culture and to offer a platform for scholarly co-operation and debate within these fields. The articles have been selected on the basis of peer-review.
Thanks for the continuing interest in our work,

Ruth Illman

Editor of Approaching Religion

Dr Ruth Illman
Föreståndare, Donnerska institutet
Docent i religionsvetenskap, Åbo Akademi
Dr Ruth Illman
Director, the Donner Institute
Docent of Comparative Religion, Åbo Akademi University