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Journal Issue: “A Gender Lens on Religion”

Gender & Society
February 2015; Vol. 29, No. 1

Introduction: A Gender Lens on Religion
Orit Avishai, Afshan Jafar, and Rachel Rinaldo


  • Grit, Guts, and Vanilla Beans: Godly Masculinity in the Ex-Gay Movement
    Lynne Gerber
  • Negotiating Gendered Religious Space: The Particularities of Patriarchy in an African American Mosque
    Pamela J. Prickett
  • Politics of Devoted Resistance: Agency, Feminism, and Religion among Orthodox Agunah Activists in Israel
    Tanya Zion-Waldoks
  • Islamic Traditions of Modernity: Gender, Class, and Islam in a Transnational Women’s Education Project
    Ayesha Khurshid
  • Feminist Spirituality as Lived Religion: How UK Feminists Forge Religio-spiritual Lives
    Kristin Aune