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Journal Issue: “Pentecostalism around the Baltic Sea”

Approaching Religion Vol. 5/1 (May, 2015)

Theme: Pentecostalism around the Baltic Sea

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The current issue consists of articles based on presentations given at the seminar (by invitation) “Pentecostalism around the Baltic Sea” arranged by PhD Tuija Hovi at Åbo Akademi University, Finland in May, 2014.

AR is an open access journal published by the Donner Institute in Åbo, Finland. Its purpose is to publish current research on religion and culture and to offer a platform for scholarly co-operation and debate within the field. The articles have been selected on the basis of peer-review.

Approaching Religion
Vol 5, No 1 (2015): Pentecostalism around the Baltic Sea
Table of Contents


  • Pentecostalism around the Baltic Sea (1-3)       Tuija Hovi,      Ruth Illman


  • (Re-)Placing Pentecostalism: Swedish Mission and the idea of the Baltic (4-15)   Simon Michael Coleman
  • Research on Pentecostalism in Sweden (16-30)  Jan-Åke B. Alvarsson
  • Pentecostal currents and individual mobility: visiting church services in Stockholm County (31-43)      Jessica Moberg
  • Conversion and the transformation of culture in the Finnish Pentecostal movement (44–56)        Teemu T. Mantsinen
  • Charismatic Christianity and Pentecostal churches in Estonia from a historical perspective (57-66)      Ringo Ringvee
  • From Pentecost to ‘inner healing’: religious change and Pentecostal developments in the post-socialist Lithuanian Catholic milieu (67-78)  Saulius Matulevicius
  • Localising and acculturating the global: the Healing Rooms prayer service network in Finland (79-91)      Tuija Hovi

Review Article:

  • Pentecostalism in Finland: the precarious beginning (92-5)    Nils G. Holm

Book Review:

  • Hippiedom and the American religious landscape (96–7)  Dan Sundqvist