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Journal Issue: “Violence of Non-Violence”

Open Theology journal has just published its first topical issue, entitled “Violence of Non-Violence” (eds. Michael Jerryson, Margo Kitts).

Table of contents:

  • Michael Jerryson, Margo Kitts
    Religion and the Violence of Non-Violence (Editorial)
  • Tobin Miller Shearer
    Striking at the Sacred: The Violence of Prayer, 1960-1969
  • Fait Muedini
    Sufism and Anti-Colonial Resistance Movements: The Qadiriyya and Sanussi Orders in Algeria and Libya
  • John Soboslai
    Violently Peaceful: Tibetan Self-Immolation and the Problem of the Non/Violence Binary
  • John M. Thompson
    Ahimsā and its Ambiguities: Reading the story of Buddha and Aṅgulimāla
  • Chad M. Bauman
    The Violence of Conversion: Proselytization and Interreligious Controversy in the Work of Swami Dayananda Saraswati
  • Pieter G.R. de Villiers
    The violence of nonviolence in the Revelation of John

All the articles are aviable on-line at