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Journal of Contemporary Religion Vol. 27, No. 1 January 2012 Special Issue: Non-religion and Secularity

Peter B. Clarke: Tributes


Interdisciplinary Studies of Non-religion and Secularity: The State of the Union

Stephen Bullivant & Lois Lee

Three Puzzles of Non-religion in Britain

David Voas & Siobhan McAndrew

The Importance of Religious Displays for Belief Acquisition and Secularization

Jonathan A. Lanman

Organised Atheism in India: An Overview

Johannes Quack

The British Secular habitus and the War on Terror

Stacey Gutkowski

On the Receiving End: Discrimination Toward the Non-Religious in the United States

Ryan T. Cragun, Barry Kosmin, Ariela Keysar, Joseph H. Hammer & Michael Nielsen

Research Note: Talking about a Revolution: Terminology for the New Field of Non-religion Studies

Lois Lee

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