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Journal of Dharma Studies

Journal of Dharma Studies

Philosophy, Theology, Ethics, and Culture

Journal of Dharma Studies Philosophy, Theology, Ethics, and Culture

We are delighted to announce the inaugural issue of the Journal of Dharma Studies.

The concept of the Journal of Dharma Studies arose from the scholarship produced by a learned society, the Dharma Academy of North America (DANAM), which has been meeting annually for over fifteen years in conjunction with the annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion (AAR). Over this time, nearly a thousand scholars have participated in or attended the conferences of DANAM and helped foster analytical-constructive and translational research and scholarship on various fields and sub-disciplines. All of which comprise the diverse expressions of the Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist religious traditions.

All articles published with Dharma Studies will be free to access until 2020. We hope you will enjoy the first issue and will sign up to receive the table of contents of every new issue published.

If you have any questions about the journal do not hesitate to contact the editors-in-chief.

Rita D. Sherma, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, USA
Purushottama Bilimoria , Graduate Theological Union and University of California, Berkeley, USA; The University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia