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Letter from Editors of Global Dialogue

Brigitte Aulenbacher and Klaus Dörre

December 16, 2019

Volume 9, Issue 3 of Global Dialogue (GD9.3) is out now, opening with a discussion of perspectives on and activities against climate change and the ecological crisis. Qingzhi Huan, a proponent of eco-socialist policies, gives insights into the Chinese debates showing how environmental policies and approaches to environmental protection have changed over the past decades. As ‘Fridays for Future’ has become a very remarkable social movement against climate change Global Dialogue invited Julia Kaiser and Jasper Stange to map the cross-class approach to mobilizing and coalition-building that is a new development within the environmental movement.

Our first symposium, organized by Global Dialogue and the International Karl Polanyi Society celebrates the 75th anniversary of Polanyi’s masterpiece The Great Transformation, which has inspired a lot of research. Experts from different strands of research read his economic, cultural, and social history of capitalism for our times.

In our second symposium about migration Karin Scherschel presents a collection of pieces from different countries combining historical perspectives on migration with an analysis of its causes, the situation of migrants and in particular refugees, the contested political regulation, and civil society’s engagement.

Finally, Moustapha Tamba organized for this new issue a collection of articles from Senegalese sociologists, who focus on the sociology of education and give us deep insights into the organization and accessibility of education and the different types of schools and their regulation.

GLOBAL DIALOGUE Volume 9 Issue 3

GD, Volume 9, Issue 3 (December 2019)
 can be found in the following languages, with more arriving soon.