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Media Framing of the Muslim World: Conflicts, Crises and Contexts

Media Framing of the Muslim World: Conflicts, Crises and Contexts Halim Rane, Jacqui Ewart and John Martinkus Palgrave Macmillan, June 2014

This book is a fascinating account of how news about Islam and the Muslim world is produced and consumed, and how it impacts on relations between Islam and the West. The topics addressed include how news values and media frames contribute to Western audiences’ perceptions and understandings of Islam and Muslims; the extent to which historic conceptions of orientalism remain salient and are manifested in Islamophobia; how reporting on terrorism and asylum seekers impacts on public opinion and policy making; how the relationship between mass and social media contribute to the changing socio-political landscape of the Middle East and our understanding of the Muslim world; and how journalism and audiences have evolved in the decade since 9/11.
Together, these topics make essential reading for scholars, students and anyone interested in the Western media’s coverage of the Muslim world and its impact on Islam-West relations.


1. Islam and the Muslim World
2. Media-generated Muslims and Islamophobia 3. Image and Reality of Reporting War and Conflict in the Muslim World 4. Asylum Seekers 5. Covering Terrorism Suspects 6. The Arab Spring 7. A Clash of Civilizations? 8. Moving on from 9/11?