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New Book

Religion and Civil Society in Europe

J. de Hart, The Netherl. Inst. for Soc. Res. (SCP), The Hague, Netherlands; P. Dekker, Tilburg

University, Tilburg, Netherlands; L. Halman, Tilburg University, Tilburg, Netherlands (Eds.)


Religion is back again in Europe after never having been gone. It is manifest in the

revival of religious institutions and traditions in former communist countries, in political

controversies about the relationship between the church(es) and the state and about

the freedom of religion and the freedom to criticize religion, and in public unease about

religious minorities. This book is about religion and civil society in Europe. It moves from

general theoretical and normative approaches of this relationship, via the examination of

national patterns of religion-state relations, to in-depth analyses of the impact of religion

and secularization on the values, pro-social attitudes and civic engagement of individuals.

It covers Europe from the Lutheran North to the Catholic South, and from the secularized

West to the Orthodox East and Islamic South-East with comparative analyses and country

studies, concluding with an overall Europe-USA comparison.