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New book: Australian Pentecostal And Charismatic Movements

Editors: Cristina Rocha, Mark P. Hutchinson and Kathleen Openshaw

In this edited book, Rocha, Hutchinson and Openshaw argue that Australia has made and still makes important contributions to how Pentecostal and charismatic Christianities have developed worldwide. This edited volume fills a critical gap in two important scholarly literatures. The first is the Australian literature on religion, in which the absence of the charismatic and Pentecostal element tends to reinforce now widely debunked notions of Australia as lacking the religious tendencies of old Europe. The second is the emerging transnational literature on Pentecostal and Charismatic movements. This book enriches our understanding not only of how these movements spread worldwide but also how they are indigenised and grow new shoots in very diverse contexts.

Table of Contents

Preface: Paul Freston

Introduction: Australian Charismatic Movements as a Space of Flows

Mark Hutchinson, Cristina Rocha, Kathleen Openshaw

Section I: Situating Pentecostal Charismatic Christianities in Australia

Chapter 1: Reframing Howard Carter: Alternative ‘Routes’ for the Emergence of the Australasian Charismatic Renewal

Mark Hutchinson

Chapter 2: Australian Proto-Pentecostals: The Contribution of the Catholic Apostolic Church

Peter Elliott

Chapter 3: City, Portal and Hub: Brisbane and Catholic Charismatic Renewal

John Maiden

Chapter 4: Strong Church or Niche Market? The Demography of the Pentecostal Church in Australia

Andrew Singleton

Section II: Home-grown Australian PCMs

Chapter 5: A Match Made in Heaven: Why Popular Music is Central to the Growth in Pentecostal Charismatic Christianities

Daniel Thornton

Chapter 6: Marketing and Branding Practices in Australian Pentecostal Suburban Megachurches for Supporting International Growth

Mairead Shanahan

Chapter 7: Andrew Evans: The Making of an Australian Pentecostal Politician

Denise A. Austin

Chapter 8: “The Work of the Spirit:” Hillsong Church and a Spiritual Formation for the Marketplace

Tanya Riches

Chapter 9: The Wacky, the Frightening and the Spectacular: Hearing God’s Voice in Australian Pentecostal Churches

Tania Harris

Section III: A Meeting between Pentecostalism from the Global South and North

Chapter 10: “Living the Dream:” Post-Millennial Brazilians at Hillsong College

Cristina Rocha

Chapter 11: Extraordinary Sacrifice and Transnational Spiritual Capital in the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God

Kathleen Openshaw

Chapter 12: “The demon is growing with sins, but there are angels around:” Bundjalung Pentecostalism as Faith and Paradox

Mahnaz Alimardanian

Chapter 13: Epilogue: Allan Anderson