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New Book: British Muslims: New Directions in Islamic Thought, Creativity and Activism

By Philip Lewis, Sadek Hamid
Foreword by Baroness Warsi

Edinburgh University Press:

Explores how a new generation are redefining what it means to be a Muslim in Britain today.

A new generation of Muslims – activists, academics, religious scholars and professionals – are drawing on contemporary reformist thinking emerging from outside their parents’ or grandparents’ tradition and are using this to inform their activism. This positive new thinking is traced as it impacts and shapes the burgeoning field of Muslim women’s activism, the formation of religious leaders, what is to count as ‘Muslim politics’, the dynamics of de-radicalisation and what has been dubbed the ‘New Muslim Cool’ in music, fashion and culture.

A collaboration between two academics, one Muslim and one not, the book gives a distinctive take on understanding Islam and Muslims in Britain today.


  • Preface
  • CHAPTER 1: Muslims in Britain: A Changing Landscape
  • CHAPTER 2: The Islamic Seminary: Between Crisis and Renewal
  • CHAPTER 3: Engaging Democracy and Debating Islam
  • CHAPTER 4: Radicals, Extremists and Terrorists: Contextualising the Challenge of Radicalisation
  • CHAPTER 5: Creating Culture: Emergence of the New “Muslim Cool”
  • An Annotated Bibliography