New Book: Muslim Diasporas in the West

Muslim Diasporas in the West
Tahir Abbas
Routledge, 2017
This major works collection surveys the nature of Muslim diasporas in
the west from a sociological perspective, exploring the issues of
migration, integration, identity, politics, Islamophobia, and
This four-volume collected works is the state of the art on the research
and scholarship on Muslim diasporas in the West carried out over the
last four decades. From canonical works to the latest trends in study,
these contributions have added to the understanding of ethnicity,
equality and diversity in relation to Muslims in the west. These
articles explore the philosophies of multiculturalism, integration, and
interculturalism. They also analyse issues of identity politics,
Islamophobia, and radicalisation. The research carried out on Muslims in
the west has had a significant impact on the study of Muslim minorities
in other parts of the world. This major works collection suitably
captures the significance of past research and its importance for
further scholarship in relation to Muslims and Islam across Europe,
North America, and Australia.