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New Book: Religion in Britain: A Persistent Paradox by Grace Davie

Religion in Britain: A Persistent Paradox
Grace Davie
February 2015, Wiley-Blackwell
Religion in Britain: A Persistent Paradox (1405135964)

Religion in Britain evaluates and sheds light on the religious situation in twenty-first century Britain; it explores the country’s increasing secularity alongside religion’s growing presence in public debate, and the impact of this paradox on Britain’s society.

  • – Describes and explains the religious situation in twenty-first century Britain
  • – Based on the highly successful Religion in Britain Since 1945 (Blackwell, 1994) but extensively revised with the majority of the text re-written to reflect the current situation
  • – Investigates the paradox of why Britain has become increasingly secular and how religion is increasingly present in public debate compared with 20 years ago
  • – Explores the impact this paradox has on churches, faith communities, the law, politics, education, and welfare

Table of Contents
Part I Preliminaries
1 Introduction: A Framework for Discussion
2 Contexts and Generations
3 Facts and Figures
Part II Religious Legacies
4 Cultural Heritage, Believing without Belonging and Vicarious Religion
5 Territory, Politics and Institutions
6 Presence: Who Can Do What For Whom?
Part III Shifting Priorities: From Obligation to Consumption
7 An Emerging Market: Gainers and Losers
8 Proliferations of the Spiritual
Part IV Public Religion and Secular Reactions
9 Managing Diversity
10 Religion in Public Life
Part V Thinking Theoretically
11 Religion and Modernity Continued