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New Book: The Invention of God in Indigenous Societies

Announcing a New Book

The Invention of God in Indigenous Societies by James L. Cox, University of Edinburgh.

Published by Acumen Publishing, Durham, England (

From the Back Cover of the book:

Indigenous societies around the world have been historically disparaged by European explorers, colonial officials and Christian missionaries. Nowhere was this more evident than in early descriptions of indigenous religions as savage, primitive, superstitious and fetishistic. Later, both indigenous and colonial liberal intellectuals argued that, before indigenous peoples ever encountered Europeans, they all believed in a Supreme Being. This book refutes both approaches arguing that the interests of indigenous societies are best served by carefully describing their religious beliefs and practices using historical and phenomenological methods, just as would be done in the study of any world religion. The discussion is illustrated with a wealth of case material from indigenous peoples in North
America, Africa and Australasia: the Shona of Zimbabwe, the “Rainbow Spirit Theology” in Australia, the Yupiit of Alaska and the Maori of New Zealand.

Available in Paperback

Cox flyer new.pdf