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New Book: “The Sociology of Shari’a: Case Studies from around the World”

The Sociology of Shari’a: Case Studies from around the World

Possamai, Adam, Richardson, James T, Turner, Bryan S. (Eds.)

This edited volume offers a collection of papers that presents a comparative analysis of the development of Shari’a in countries with Muslim minorities, such as America, Australia, China, Germany,  Italy, Singapore, South Africa and the Philippines, as well as countries with Muslim majorities, such as Malaysia, Bangladesh, Turkey, and Tunisia. The Sociology of Shari’a provides a global analysis of these important legal transformations and  examines the topic from a sociological perspective. In addition, the third part of the book includes case studies that explore some ground-breaking applications of theoretical perspectives such as those from Chambliss and Eisenstadt.


  1. Introduction: Legal Pluralism and Shari’a, Bryan S. Turner and Adam Possamai.- Part 1. Case Studies from Muslim Majority Countries.- 2. One State, Three Legal Systems: Social Cohesion in a Multi-ethnic and Multi-religious Malaysia, Shamsul, A. B.- 3. Modern Law, Traditional ‘Shalish’ and Civil Society Activism in Bangladesh, Habibul Haque Khondker.- 4. Semi-Official Turkish Muslim Legal Pluralism: Encounters between Secular Official Law and Unofficial Shari’a, Ihsan Yilmaz.- Part 2. Case Studies from Muslim Minority Countries.- 5.  Soft Authoritarianism, Social Diversity and Legal Pluralism: The Case of Singapore, Bryan S. Turner.- 6.  The Philippine Shari’a Courts and the Code of Muslim Personal Laws, Isabelita Solamo-Antonio.- 7. Shari’a and Muslim Women’s Agency in a Multicultural Context: Recent Changes in Sports Culture, Helen McCue and Ghena Krayem.- 8. Shari’a Law in Catholic Italy: A Non-agnostic Model of Accommodation, Vito Breda.- 9. Trial and Error: Muslims and Shari’a in the German Context, Wolf D. Ahmed Aries and James T. Richardson.- 10. Between the Sacred and the Secular: Living Islam in China, Yuting Wang.- 11. The Case of the Recognition of Muslim Personal Law in South Africa: Colonialism, Apartheid and Constitutional Democracy, Wesahl Domingo.- Part 3. Theoretical and Comparative Considerations.- 12. The Constitutionalization of Shari’a In Muslim Societies: Comparing Indonesia, Tunisia And Egypt, Arskal Salim.- 13. Legal Pluralism and the Shari’a: A Comparison of Greece and Turkey.- Bryan S. Turner and Berna Zengin Arslan.- 14. Contradictions, Conflicts, Dilemmas, and Temporary Resolutions: A Sociology of Law Analysis of Shari’a in Selected Western Societies, James T. Richardson.- 15. Perception of Shari’a in Sydney and New York Newspapers, Adam Possamai, Bryan Turner, Joshua Roose, Selda Dagistanli and Malcolm Voyce.- 16. Profiting from Shari’a: Islamic Banking and Finance in Australia, Salim Farrar.- 17.  Shari’a and Multiple Modernities in Western Countries: Toward a Multi-faith Pragmatic Modern Approach Rather Than a Legal Pluralist One? Adam Possamai.- 18. The Future of Legal Pluralism, Bryan S. Turner and James T. Richardson.