New format for Yearbook of Muslims in Europe

New format for Yearbook of Muslims in Europe.

Recently, the seventh volume of the Yearbook of Muslims in Europe was published, covering the calendar year 2014. While the particular strength of the Yearbook has always been its comprehensive geographical remit, starting with this volume the reports primarily concentrate on more topical information.


The most current research available on public debate, shifting transnational networks, changes to domestic and legal policies, and major activities in Muslim organisations and institutions from surveyed countries are available throughout the Yearbook. At the end of each country report, an annual overview of statistical and demographic data is presented in an appendix. By using a table format, up-to-date information is quickly accessible for each country.

By focusing on developments of the previous calendar year, each report offers a fresh annual overview. This means that combined, the separate volumes of the Yearbook will provide cumulative knowledge of on-going trends and developments around Muslims in different European countries

To see how these changes affect the articles, please read this sample chapter about Austria.