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New Issue: Critical Research on Religion

We are pleased to announce the December 2016 issue of Critical Research on Religion (Volume 4, Number 3):


  • Love in the Middle East: The contradictions of romance in the Facebook World
    Roger Friedland, Janet Afary, Paolo Gardinali, and Cambria Naslund
  • Symposium: The Sociology of Religion and the Study of Religion: Talking to each other, not about each other
    Every question is open: Looking for paths beyond the clearing
  • Robert A Orsi
  • A sociologist learns to study religion
    Gerardo Martí
  • The theological uses of sociology
    Scott R Paeth
  • Where are you organizationally situated? Views from here
    Wendy Cadge and Becky Barton
  • Religio: The ties that bind
    Melissa M Wilcox
  • In defense of dualism: Competing and complementary frameworks in religious studies and the sociology of religion
    Richard L Wood
  • Sociology of Religion and Religious Studies: Institutional Contexts and Intellectual Concerns
    Rhys H Williams
  • Response:
    Critical religion and critical research on religion: A response to the April 2016 editorial
    Timothy Fitzgerald