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New issue of “State, Religion and Church in Russia and Worldwide” (# 4 2014)

Dear Сolleague,

It is my pleasure to present you with the new issue (# 4, 2014) of our Russian language quarterly Gosudarstvo, religiia, tserkov’ v Rossii i za rubezhom [State, Religion and Church in Russia and Worldwide] (, which is just out.

The main theme of this issue is Religion and National Identity in Eastern Europe in the Twentieth Century. In addition, some other papers and reviews are included under separate headings. Please find attached the PDF version of the issue. The English Table of Contents is on pages 6-8.

We will be happy to receive any feedback with commentaries and suggestions, if you find them necessary. We are also open to any idea from your part, as a member of the International Board, concerning future special thematic issues and particular texts that you would find worth being published in this journal.

Let me remind that this journal publishes both original papers and authorized translations of recent papers appeared elsewhere. The journal’s objective is to be an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed academic quarterly about religion for the Russian-reading public, with special emphasis on current developments and theoretical debates in the field.

With best regards,



Table of Contents

  • Editorial p. 9

The Theme of the Issue: Religion and National Identity in Eastern Europe in the Twentieth Century

    • Nadezda Belyakova. Religion and Сonstructs of NationalIdentities in Eastern Europe in the 20th Century:An Introduction p. 11
  • Southeastern Europe
    • Klaus Buchenau. Religion and Nation in Serbia, Bulgariaand Romania: Three Eastern Orthodox Models p. 28
    • Taisiya Belyakova. Constructing National Identityin Socialist Yugoslavia and the Issue of Macedonian Church p. 62
    • Oleg Grom. The Inochentist Movement and the «Moldavian Question» in the Early 20th Century Bessarabia p. 86
  • Baltic Region
    • Alexey Beglov. The Orthodox Parish in Non-OrthodoxBorder Regions of the Russian Empire:the Case of Finland p. 107
    • Alexey Komarov, Evgenia Tokareva. The RomanCatholic Church and the Construction of National Identityin Estonia in the Interwar Period(According to Vatican Archival Materials) p. 136
  • Western Ukraine
    • Anna Vishivanuk. Ukrainization within the Orthodox Churchin the Interwar Poland p. 160
    • Victor Kichera. Constructing Ukrainian National Identityin the Subcarpathian Rus by the Greek Catholic Orderof St. Basil (1919 1939) p. 184
    • Natalia Shlikhta. «Ukrainian» as «Non-Orthodox»: How Greek Catholics Were «Reunited» with the RussianOrthodox Church, 1940s 1960s p. 208
    • Taras Bublyk. Greek Catholic Identity in Western UkraineDuring the Process of Legalization, 1980s – 1990s p. 235
  • Azov Greeks of Ukraine
    • Serhij Pakhomenko, Svitlana Arabadzhy. The Figureof the Metropolitan Ignatius in the Construction of Identityand Historical Memory of the Azov Greeks p. 261
  • German Mennonites in the USSR
    • Johannes Dyck. The Historical Roots and the Correlationof Confessional and Ethnic Elements within MennoniteIdentity in the USSR p. 275
    • Alexey Glushaev, Vera Kliueva. The «New» Mennonitesof the Ural and Siberia: Genesis and Transformation of Ethnoconfessional Communities in the 1940s – 1960s p. 295


    • Paul Werth: «It’s time to write a comprehensive historyof religion in Russia…» p. 314

    Book Reviews

    • Zaitsev, O., Begen, O., Stefaniv, V. (2011) Natsіonalіzm і relіgіia: Greko-Katolits’ka Tserkva ta ukraїns’kii natsіonalіstichniirukh u Galichinі (1920 – 1930‑tі roki)[Nationalism and Religion:Greek Catholic Church and the Ukrainian NationalistMovement in Galicia, 1920s — 1930s]. Lviv: VidavnitstvoUkraїns’kogo Katolits’kogo Unіversitetu. — 384 p.(In Ukrainian) p. 327
    • Shavchenko, T. I. (2013) Valaamskii monastyr’ i stanovlenie Finliandskoi Pravoslavnoi Tserkvi (1917–1957)[The Valaam Monastery and the Formation of the FinnishOrthodox Church, 1917 – 1957]. Moscow:Izdatel’stvo PSTGU. — 500 p. (In Russian) p. 337
    • Rimestad, S. (2012) The Challenges of Modernityto the Orthodox Church in Estonia and Latvia (1917–1940).Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 2012. — 334 p. p. 345
    • Namli, E., Svenungsson, J. and Vincent, A. M. (eds) (2014)Jewish Thought, Utopia, and Revolution. Amsterdam:Rodopi, 2014. — 211 p. p. 350
    • Parker Gumucio, C. (ed.) (2012) Religión, política y cultura en América Latina: Nuevas miradas / Religião, política e cultura na América Latina: Novos olhares. Santiago de Chile:Instituto de estudios avanzados de la Universidad de Santiago de Chile. — 392 p. p. 353