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New Journal Issue: Sociology of Islam Volume 8 (2020): Issue 1 (Feb 2020)

This issue will be comparative in scope on several dimensions: From regional identities to perception of Islam in a non-Muslim populated country; from religiosity and alcohol consumption to Islamic State;  from radical secularism to Islamic Nationalism and democracy in Turkey.  Contributions from a variety of disciplines that focus on assessing and explaining the role of Islam in diverse societies and countries.

Our next issue will be a special issue on “Science and Scientific Production in the Middle East” edited by Professor Eyman Shabana from Georgetown University.  

We will have another special issue soon: “Halal Economies in Non-Muslim Secular Countries” edited by Rano Turaeva and Michael Brose from Indiana University-Bloomington.

Please submit your article or proposal for a special issue:  

Best to all, Tugrul

Sociology of Islam  Volume 8 (2020): Issue 1 (Feb 2020)

The Arabs and Iranians What Went Wrong? And Why?

By: Mahjoob Zweiri and Ismail Zahirovic

Pages: 1–16

Before isis: What Early America Thought of Islam

By: Firoozeh Kashani-Sabet

Pages: 17–52

Religiosity, Social Influence, and Drinking Among Iranians

By: Bashir Tofangsazi

Pages: 53–79

The Problem of the Islamic State

By: Milad Dokhanchi

Pages: 80–109

From Radical Secularism to Islamic NationalismThe Historical Evolution of Politico-Religious Relationship in Turkey

By: Yang Chen

Pages: 110–126

Erdogan’s Train to Authoritarianism

By: Michael M. Gunter

Pages: 127–149