Politics and Religion Journal, Vol. 10, No. 1, 2016 is now available!

Dear colleagues,
I am using this opportunity to share the information that the jubilee volume, Vol. 10, of the Politics and Religion Journal. This Journal is the worlds first publication in English dedicated to the emerging discipline of politology of religion. In that sense, even if don’t continue to publish further issues, which is definitely not likely to happen, it will be remembered that the discipline of politology of religion, with its accepted definition all around the world, has started to develop at University of Belgrade, Department of Political Science. It is particularly important to mention that this Journal introduced the very term of politology of religion in the international scientific literature. Thanks to the Journal, this term has become a part of worlds most famous libraries. For example, if you search the term “politology in the catalogue of Columbia University’s library under, the Journal will the only result. We have managed to gather over 400 scientist, of all religions and races. This fact makes the Journal very multicultural. As we all know, only if we get to know each other we can build a solid ground for further cooperation and understanding in the world.
Best regards,
Dr Miroljub Jevtic