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Positions, Kingston University, UK

Chair in Social Policy

Salary: £52,396 – £67,962 Ref: 0787

You will use your expertise to provide intellectual inspiration to students and colleagues alike, as you provide leadership in strengthening our national and international research and educational partnerships. Building strong links with overseas bodies, you will also enable us to continue to attract international grant funding, and will contribute to the department’s reputation and strategic development.

This is a superb opportunity for a distinguished senior academic who is internationally recognised in the field of social policy. You will have a proven ability to attract external research funding, teach at undergraduate and postgraduate level, supervise doctoral students and liaise with policy-based organisations.

Lecturer in Sociology

Salary: £35,416 – £38,484 Ref: 0789

Adding your proven skills to a committed and forward-thinking team, you will teach undergraduates and postgraduates, supervise postgraduate research students, and deliver a personal programme of research and scholarship. You will strengthen the department’s academic management and profile, and will build links with other organisations to help us generate external income.

A highly experienced sociologist and researcher, you may have a track record of teaching in Higher Education. This will include experience of working with undergraduates and postgraduates, and knowledge of one or more of these areas: equality and social inclusion, policy evaluation, health and illness, social sustainability and quantitative research methods.

Lecturer in Criminology

Salary: £35,416 – £38,484 Ref: 0788

Teaching quantitative research methods to undergraduates and postgraduates, you will supervise postgraduate research students, and deliver a programme of research and scholarship. In addition, you will make a significant contribution to the department’s academic management, profile and reputation, and will help us generate external income by establishing links with other organisations.

This is a great opportunity for an experienced criminologist with a background of teaching in Higher Education and expertise in the area of criminal justice policy. You will have carried out high-profile and recent research, which you will have published in peer-reviewed publications. Finally, you must be comfortable working across disciplinary boundaries and communicating with a diverse range of audiences.

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