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RC22 World Congress 2014 (Religion, Immigrants, and Health)

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to draw your attention to a panel called "Religion, Immigrants, and Health", which I am organizing at the XVIII ISA World Congress of Sociology in Yokohama/Japan, 13-19 July 2014. The panel explores the diverse ways in which religion, immigration and health may be related.

A growing body of evidence suggests that religiosity is typically associated with better health. The potential impact of religious involvement on health may be especially great for immigrants; faith institutions often play important integrative roles for them and religion and ethnic identities are often intertwined. Further, opportunities may exist to leverage widespread congregational attendance already taking place by immigrants to reduce inequalities through initiatives. However, while there has been much attention in the popular as well as academic press about religion, immigrants and health individually, there has been a paucity of studies examining the intersection of all three areas: religion, immigrants, and health.

Scholars with interests related to any or all of these three areas are invited to submit presentation proposals highlighting any aspect of the relationship between religion, immigrants, and health, each broadly defined. Proposals that tie in with the conference and section themes of addressing inequality and with ISA’s focus on diverse cultures are especially encouraged.

If you feel your research is potentially appropriate for this panel, you are encouraged to submit an abstract. Please use the ISA abstract submission system (following this link: and submit your proposal before SEPTEMBER 30, 2013.

Please feel free to email me with any questions about the panel. Thank you very much and looking forward to hearing from you.


Ephraim Shapiro