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Registration Open: The Future of British Muslim Studies: Cardiff, 24 April

Dear list members,
We are very pleased to say that registration is now open for the next MBRN conference at Cardiff on 24 April. Further details can be found below and at the following link:  
Best wishes,Stephen

The Future of British Muslim Studies

A one-day Muslims in Britain Research Network conference organised in partnership with the Centre for the Study of Islam in the UK, Cardiff University

Since the Muslims in Britain Research Network was established over 25 years ago, British Muslim studies has grown exponentially. Yet despite this, the field faces significant challenges and uncertainty about its future direction. With so much of the focus on British Muslims being driven – both in academia and in wider society – by instrumental concerns about security and terrorism, much needed debates about the field’s core goals and purpose have often been obscured. The near constant use of research reports and polls on British Muslims in service of political agendas has meant that not only do those researching British Muslims often struggle to get their voices heard, but they are also forced to face difficult questions about their positioning and politics.

This one day event will bring together those from within and outside of academia who have an interest in shaping the study of Muslim Britain in order to discuss and debate the challenges facing the field and where it should go from here. What should British Muslim studies do, and who should it be for? Should it be seen as part of a project of improving Muslims’ rights and representation, as with the case of comparable fields like Black Studies, or remain at a critical distance from Muslim politics? Is the field itself sufficiently inclusive of the diversity of Muslim and non-Muslim voices, and is sufficient recognition given to those outside the academy producing research into Muslims? When, and how, should academics partner with Muslim and community and activist groups? With researchers in the field scattered across disciplines, and with religion increasingly marginalised in the academy, how can the field cohere and have a positive impact?

This conference seeks to create a space to present new research and debate issues relating to the study of British Muslims. It will cover:

  • Emerging research agendas in, and challenges for, the field of British Muslim studie
  • The politics of producing knowledge about Muslims in the West

  • The relationship between academic scholarship and Muslims’ presence, voice and activism

  • Partnerships between academic and Muslim community groups in the UK

  • ‘Insider’ and ‘outsider’ dynamics in the study of British Muslims

  • Complementarities and tensions between disciplinary approaches to the study of Muslims and Islam

  • Securing the study of Muslims and Islam within and beyond UK higher education

Speakers so far confirmed include:

Professor Sophie Gilliat-Ray, Cardiff University
Dr Sundas Ali, University of Oxford
Dr Therese O’Toole, University of Bristol
Muhammed Reza Tajri, Al-Madhi Institute

Dr Sadek Hamid, MBRN
Dr Fauzia Ahmad, Goldsmiths, University of London
Dr Stephen Jones, University of Birmingham
Professor Alison Scott-Baumann, SOAS

Conference Organisers:
Dr Stephen Jones (MBRN)
Professor Alison Scott-Baumann (MBRN)
Abdul-Azim Ahmed (Cardiff University)
Ayesha Khan (Cardiff University and MBRN)

The conference is being organised by the Muslims in Britain Research Network in partnership with the Centre for the Study of Islam in the UK, Cardiff University. With a particular emphasis on sociological and anthropological methodology, the Islam-UK Centre aims to promote scholarly and public understandings of Islam and the life of Muslim communities in the UK.

The Muslims in Britain Research Network (MBRN) has been promoting the multidisciplinary study of Muslims and Islam in Britain for over twenty years – bringing together leading academics, researchers and professionals, and encouraging a new generation of students and practitioners to discuss, inform and collaborate.

Any general questions should be sent to the conference organisers at