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Religion & Society @Leeds Research Day – Pentecostalisation of Public Spheres

Centre for Religion and Public Life

The Pentecostalisation of Public Spheres

Religion & Society @Leeds Research Day

14 March 2014, Fairbairn House, Main Building Upper Chapel

Pentecostalism, an umbrella term for rapidly growing charismatic movements in global Christianity, is often argued to be a public religion par excellence. It refuses to accept the marginal and privatised role which theories of modernity as well as of secularisation use to reserve for religion. Pentecostal Christianity manifests itself publicly, engages with social and political issues, and in the meantime reshapes the public and political sphere by its dualist religious epistemology in which the world is the scene of a spiritual battle between God and the Devil. This Religion & Society @Leeds Research Day explores these religious dynamics, discussing case studies in a variety of African and Chinese contexts.


From 9:15


Coffee & tea

Welcome and opening

Emma Tomalin & Adriaan van Klinken
10:00–12:45Pentecostalism and Kenya’s 2013 election

The Jubilee Campaign and Kenya’s Born Again Election 2013

A Sinful Nation, Wretched Souls, a Wrathful God and a Strange Prophet? The Ministry of Repentance and Holiness in Kenya

Pentecostalism vis-à-vis the state: Ethiopia and China

Ethiopian Religious Politics and the Rise of Pentecostalism

Redefining the Private and Public: Pentecostalism in China

Gregory Deacon (University of Oxford)

Damaris Parsitau (Egerton University, Kenya)

Jörg Haustein (SOAS, University of London)

Lap Yan Kung (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

13:45–15:45Pentecostalism, nationalism and society

Pentecostalism in the Chinese Context: Between Counterculturalism and Adaptation

African Pentecostalism, Civic Role and Social Capital Engineering

Transforming the Nation: Pentecostalism and the Public Sphere in Uganda

Tobias Brander (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Afe Adogame (University of Edinburgh)

Barbara Bompani (University of Edinburgh

Venue: Fairbairn House, 71-75 Clarendon Road, LS2 9PH LEEDS

Contact: Dr Adriaan van Klinken, a.vanKlinken

Please confirm your attendance by email.