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Religion, the Russian Nation and the State: Domestic and International Dimensions

A special issue on “Religion, the Russian Nation and the State: Domestic and International Dimensions”, Religion, State and Society (2013, Volume 41, Issue 3).

Edited by Jerry G. Pankhurst (Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio) and Alar Kilp (University of Tartu).

The special issue is resulting from selected papers presented at the workshop “Religion, Politics and Policy-making in Russia: Domestic and International Dimensions“ organized by the Centre for EU-Russia Studies (CEURUS) at the University of Tartu in 6-7 June, 2012. It includes papers from keynote speakers of the workshop:

Irina Papkova (Georgetown University)
“The Contemporary Study of Religion, Society and Politics in Russia: A Scholar’s Reflections”

Vyacheslav Karpov (Western Michigan University) “The Social Dynamics of Russia’s Desecularisation: a Comparative and Theoretical Perspective”

papers by

Alicja Curanović (University of Warsaw)
“The Post-Soviet Religious Model: Reflections on Relations between the State and Religious Institutions in the CIS Area”

Alar Kilp on“Lutheran and Russian Orthodox Church Buildings as Symbols of Cultural Identity in the Estonian Parliamentary Elections of 2011”

Rachel Schroeder (Western Michigan University) and Vyacheslav Karpov “The Crimes and Punishments of the ‘Enemies of the Church’ and the Nature of Russia’s Desecularising Regime .”

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