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Religions: fields of research, methods and perspectives

Religions: fields of research, methods and perspectives International Krakow Study of Religions Symposium

Jagiellonian University Krakow, Poland
25 – 27 November 2013


Attempts to define the subject of religious studies and to specify the boundaries of our discipline are ongoing. Equally important, though, are studies of specific religious phenomena. This is because religious studies is a field that requires mutual inspiration of theory and data, models “of something” and models “for something”. We may still lack grand theories, but the diversity of methodological approaches means that religious studies has a huge explanatory potential. And it is this potential that we want to tap.

We would like the Second Krakow International Study of Religion
Symposium: Religions: Fields of Research, Methods and Perspectives to be a meeting place for researchers tackling religious phenomena from various perspectives – historical, sociological, psychological, anthropological and philosophical.

We invite submission of proposals for papers that present both theoretical conclusions and the results of empirical research. We hope that this breadth of approaches will trigger greater creativity and lead to agreements and settlements of a more universal character.

Keynote speakers:
Prof. Hans Gerald Hoedl (University of Vienna) Prof. Ralph W. Hood Jr (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga) Prof. Ireneusz Ziemiński (University od Szczecin)


International Journal for the Study of Religions “Studia Religiologica” Institute for the Study of Religions of Jagiellonian University

Conference languages: English (preferred), Polish and Russian (accepted)

Conference fee: 300 PLN (or 80 EUR). The fee does not cover the cost of accommodation and meals.

Registration deadline: 30 September 2013

For registration and further information see: