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Religious Literacy in a Plural Age, NEH Working Conference, Harvard Divinity School, July 9, 2016

Religious Literacy in a Plural Age
NEH Working Conference
Saturday, July 9, 2016
(open to the public)

Opening Keynote: Diane Moore, Author of Overcoming Religious Illiteracy
Featuring: Adam Dinham, Author of Religious Literacy in Policy and Practice
Jim Fraser, Author of Between Church and State
Linda K. Wertheimer, Author of Faith Ed
Nate Walker (Newseum)
Vincent Biondo (Project Co-Director)
Kate McCarthy (Project Co-Director)
Closing Keynote: Steve Prothero, Author of Religious Literacy and God Is Not One

Has religious literacy become a necessary component of citizenship? In England and Quebec, the state school curriculum has been revised to include religious literacy. Do these programs share successful strategies that can succeed in other places? We are seeking faculty experts and doctoral candidates from diverse disciplines and personal backgrounds to improve religious literacy education. Can we accommodate differences while also identifying common ground that unifies across ethnic, religious, and partisan lines? If you are interested in attending or presenting, please send a note of interest and/or anonymous abstract (300-word maximum) to before May 25, 2016.