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Resource: The World Religions and Spirituality Project (WRSP) — Japanese New Religions and Minority Traditions

We would like to draw the  attention of those interested in the study and teaching of religion in Japan  to the following resource and project.  The World Religions and Spirituality Project (WRSP)

It is an academic open-access free source of information about various religious movements around the world. It has recently developed a number of themes within it, including a section on Japanese New Religions and Minority Traditions, which is being overseen and directed by Erica Baffelli, Ian Reader and Birgit Staemmler:

 This site includes an extensive overview of new religions, downloadable as a pdf, along with, currently, profiles of six movements (Hikari no Wa, Aum Shinrikyo,  Soka Gakkai, GLA, Seicho no Ie,  covert Shin Buddhists) by scholars who have worked on these movements.  Besides the project editors, contributors thus far have been Levi McLaughlin, Crystal Whelan and Clark Chilson.  A number of other profiles are in the pipeline.

 We would encourage anyone who teaches in relevant areas to make use of this resource. In addition, we would encourage anyone who is working in relevant areas and who would be interested in contributing a profile of a particular movement, to contact us.  Normally contributions should be around 5-6000 words long and follow the general format set out in the profiles.

 Erica Baffelli

Ian Reader

Birgit Staemmler