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Routledge Studies in Religion, Travel and Tourism


Routledge Studies in Religion, Travel and Tourism


John Eade, University College London,

Alana Harris, Lincoln College, Oxford, Ian Reader, University of Manchester,


The public prominence of religion has increased globally in recent years, while places associated with religion, such as pilgrimage centres and famous cathedrals, temples and shrines, have attracted growing numbers of visitors and media attention. Such developments are part of a global process where different forms of travel – physical movement such as labour and lifestyle migration, tourism of various forms, the cultural heritage industry and pilgrimage – have become a major feature of the modern world. These translocal and transnational processes involve flows of not just people but also material objects, ideas, information, images and capital.

The public prominence of religion aligned to the modern growth of tourism (sometimes now claimed as the world’s single largest industry) has created a new dynamic relationship between religion, travel and tourism. It has been mirrored by expanding academic research in these areas over the last twenty years across a variety of disciplinary areas, ranging from anthropology, sociology, geography, history and religious studies to newly emergent areas such as tourism and migration studies.

Such studies have also expanded exponentially in terms of the geographic spread of places, religions and regions being researched.

This series provides a new forum for studies based around these themes, drawing together research on the relationships between religion, travel and tourism. These include studies from global and cross-cultural perspectives of topics, such as:

commoditisation and consumerism; the media-isation and media representations of religion, travel and tourism; heritage, tourism and the cultural politics of religious representation; gender, sexuality and religious movements; religion and travel writing; ideological and violent struggles over religion and resistance to tourist intrusion; inter-religious engagement; religion, tourism, landscape and performance; thanatourism and pilgrimage to sites of suffering.

Books and Proposals

Books should normally be around 95000 words (including notes and references). Proposals should be 10-15 pages in length, provide a statement of aims, preliminary detailed chapter outline, explain how the volume connects to the series theme and identify the target market for the volume. They should also indicate competing books, list several scholars qualified to act as external reviewers, and offer a time schedule for completion.


This series is aimed at researchers and advanced undergraduate and graduate students in anthropology, sociology, geography, history, and composite studies concerning religion, pilgrimage, tourism, travel writing and migration.

For publication information, please contact Senior Editor Laura Stearns at