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Sexualities Special Section – Sexuality & Religion

Dear All,

You may be interested in the Special Issue of ‘Sexuality and Religion’, available here with contents copied below:

Yvette Taylor and Ria Snowdon

Introduction to the special issue: Sexuality and religion: ‘International’ and ‘early career’ perspectives

Sexualities September 2014 17: 509-511

Heather Shipley

Religious and sexual orientation intersections in education and media: A Canadian perspective

Sexualities September 2014 17: 512-528

Sibylle Lustenberger

Questions of belonging: Same-sex parenthood and Judaism in transformation

Sexualities September 2014 17: 529-545

Alex Toft

Re-imagining bisexuality and Christianity: The negotiation of Christianity in the lives of bisexual women and men

Sexualities September 2014 17: 546-564

Stephen E Gregg

Queer Jesus, straight angels: Complicating ‘sexuality’ and ‘religion’ in the International Raëlian Movement

Sexualities September 2014 17: 565-582

Calogero Giametta

‘Rescued’ subjects: The question of religiosity for non-heteronormative asylum seekers in the UK

Sexualities September 2014 17: 583-599

Joseph N Goh

Fracturing interwoven heteronormativities in Malaysian Malay-Muslim masculinity: A research note

Sexualities September 2014 17: 600-617

Wim Peumans

Queer Muslim migrants in Belgium: A research note on same-sex sexualities and lived religion

Sexualities September 2014 17: 618-631,

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