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Sociology of Islam Journal – Volume 7 (2019): Issue 4 (Dec 2019)

Special Issue: Unfinished Conversations with Saba Mahmood edited by Sultan Doughan and Jean-Michel Landry –

Unfinished Conversations with Saba Mahmood – To Charles Hirschkind in Deep Gratitude

By: Sultan Doughan and Jean-Michel Landry

Pages: 215–225

The Constraints of Choice: Secular Sensibilities, Pious Critique, and an Islamic Ethic of Sisterhood in France

By: Kirsten Wesselhoeft

Pages: 226–244

The Politics of the Veil in Medieval Christianity

Saba Mahmood and the Practice of Feminist Historiography

By: Karl Shuve

Pages: 245–262

Distinguishing Companions: Mixed-Confession Education, Assimilation, and Islamic Thought

By: Timothy Gutmann

Pages: 263–288

Piety, Practice and Habitus: Saba Mahmood’s Dialogue with Aristotle and His Legacy

By: Bryan S. Turner

Pages: 289–300

Liberal Political Philosophy of Religious Difference after Saba Mahmood

By: Christoph Baumgartner

Pages: 301–322

Secular Governance and Islamic Law

The Globalization of the Minority Question

By: Alexandre Caeiro

Pages: 323–343

On the Study of Islam and the Middle East after Saba Mahmood

A Roundtable Conversation with Lisa Wedeen and Schirin Amir-Moazami

Pages: 345–360


Pages: 361–363

Publication Date: 13 Dec 2019