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SocrelNews 2020 Issue 11

Greetings from lockdown! I hope you are all finding ways to manage your rhythms and your days throughout the disruptions of the last few months. In my own department, we’re working feverishly through the tail end of marking before exam boards, and that may be the same for many of you. Others of you may be problem-solving your research plans or carving out time for your writing. We can imagine a host of situations, but whatever they may be, I can only hope that you’re managing – getting the support you need and perhaps being a support for others.

I’m pleased to share the latest issue of our study group’s newsletter, Socrel News. It’s a thinner issue than it might otherwise be, and it tells many of the tales of disruption, too. It also speaks to how the Socrel executive committee is managing its membership amid cancellations and postponements. Finally, and perhaps very relevantly right now, we feature some of our members who work in environments beyond higher education, with perhaps insight for those who are using this lockdown time to discern their direction.

Please read it and share it. Our JISCMail system doesn’t allow for attachments, so it is shared here as a link. Click on it, and the pdf will download for you to read and share.