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Special Professor of Alevism in Europe, University of Amsterdam

Special Professor of Alevism in Europe (on account of the Foundation
Research Fund for Alevism)
Faculty of Humanities – Department of History, European Studies and
Religious Studies

Publication date
10 March 2016
Level of education
Salary indication
Does not apply

Closing date
13 April 2016
15.2 hours per week
Vacancy number

The Faculty of Humanities provides education and conducts research with
a strongly international profile in a large number of disciplines in the
field of language, history, and culture. Located in the heart of
Amsterdam, the Faculty maintains close ties with many cultural
institutions in the capital city. Almost 1,000 employees are affiliated
with the Faculty, which has about 8,000 students. The Faculty of
Humanities consists of eight departments.

Nature and content of the chair

The Special Chair of Alevism in Europe was established on the decision
of the Executive Board dated January 21st, 2016 in the Faculty of
Humanities on account of the Foundation Research Fund for Alevism
(Stichting Onderzoekfonds voor Alevitisme; OVA). One of the aims of the
OVA Foundation is to establish a Special Chair for the teaching and
research of Alevism in Europe, with particular focus on the situation in
the Netherlands.

The special chair forms part of the section of Religious Studies and
primarily deals with the study of and research into the development of
Alevi identity and culture among immigrants and their descendants in
Europe, the Alevi religion and philosophy of life, and the reciprocal
influences thereof in the context of various European societies in a
world marked by globalisation. A distinction is made between the period
of emigration during the Ottoman Empire (the Balkans) and emigration to
Europe from the 1960s onwards. Special attention is paid to the Alevis
in the Netherlands. Key issues pertaining to the come into being,
development and diversity of Alevi communities and cultures (all of them
central themes) include:

  • the history of migration of the Alevis;
  • the integration issues faced by Alevis in various European countries;
  • the relations between Dutch Alevis, Alevis in Europe, in the Middle
    East, and in Turkey in particular;
  • relations between Alevis and other religious groups, in particular
    with Sunni Muslims in Europe and Turkey;
  • the relations with the state in various European countries;
  • the transmission of the beliefs and practices of Alevism across
  • leadership and organisation among Alevis in the various European

Education and research

The professor by special appointment contributes to the study programmes
offered in the fields of Religious Studies, History, and European
Studies, and performs teaching duties related to the post. In addition
to the electives in the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes, the
professor is responsible for thesis supervision (please check the
faculty’s complete study programme). The professor shall also fulfil a
stimulating role in attracting and supervising doctoral candidates, and
participate in various academic networks for relevant research.

The professor by special appointment conducts research in the relevant
field of study and publishes the results in journals and in the media in
order to be exposed to a wider audience. The research is performed in
the Amsterdam Institute for Humanities Research.


The professor by special appointment will be charged with the following

  • teaching subjects relating to Alevism in Europe;
  • supervising theses;
  • conducting research and supervising doctoral research projects;
  • serving as a liaison between the OVA Foundation and Alevism
    organisations such as HAK-DER (Federation of Alevi Associations in the
    Netherlands) and AABK (Association of European Alevi Confederations, an
    umbrella body of Alevi federations in Europe) and the University of
  • actively promoting the chair’s visibility through the professor’s
    concerted actions within and outside the UvA.


The professor by special appointment must meet the following job

  • a PhD in the humanities or social sciences;
  • excellent research skills as evidenced by an academic dissertation
    and other high-profile academic publications and activities;
  • broad, demonstrable expertise in the field of (the history of)
    Alevism, Islam, and other elements pertaining to this area of study;
  • a high level of familiarity with and good contacts in the world of
    Religious Studies, Islam, and Alevism in the Netherlands, Europe and Turkey;
  • willingness to become familiar with these aspects and establish
    contacts in the Netherlands and Europe if not already able to provide this;
  • able to serve as a liaison between the University of Amsterdam and
    the OVA Foundation and Alevi organisations such as HAK-DER and AABK;
  • good teaching skills, i.e. an enthusiastic, inspiring, and
    appealing lecturer;
  • good interpersonal and organisational skills and leadership qualities.

Further information

For further information, please contact:

Mr. Hotze Mulder, the secretary of the Board of Trustees
T: +31 20 525 3066


The professor by special appointment is available on average two days
per week in order to perform the tasks associated with the position.
This professorship by special appointment will not lead to permanent
employment at UvA and does not have a formal salary. However, to cover
the costs associated with the performance of the tasks, a sum of €50,000
per year is available, to spend in consultation with the Board of
Trustees. It is also intended to guarantee the availability of the
professor. The professorship is not compatible with a fixed term of
employment at the UvA, Faculty of Humanities. The professor is appointed
for a period of five years at a time.
Job application

The professor will be selected by the Board of Trustees of the special
chair. The Board of Trustees, which may seek the assistance of one or
more advisers during the selection procedure, consists of the following
members: Professor Gerard Wiegers (on behalf of the Dean of the Faculty
of Humanities; chair), Professor Michael Kemper (on behalf of the
Executive Board of the University of Amsterdam) and Atilla Aytekin (on
behalf of the OVA Foundation). The Board of Trustees will submit a
nomination to the board of the OVA Foundation subject to the approval of
the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and the Executive Board. A
management assessment and a public trial lecture may form part of the

Applications should be addressed, on Wednesday 13 April 2016 at the
latest, to the Board of Trustees for the Special Chair for Alevism in
Europe. Please include a letter, academic CV, a list of publications,
three key publications which the applicant believes offer excellent
support for their candidacy, and proposals for a research project and a
lecture series. The application documents may be submitted digitally in
PDF format to Mr. Hotze Mulder. Please state job vacancy number 16-098
in your communication.