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Symposium: Art Approaching Science and Religion, 12 May 2016, Turku

We warmly welcome you to participate in the symposium Art Approaching
Science and Religion, organized by the Donner Institute and the
knowledge laboratory AmosLAB. The symposium aims at bringing together
the fields of art, science and religion.

How can science and religion be explored from the perspective of the arts?

Thursday, 12 May 2016 at the Sibelius Museum
Biskopsgatan 17, Åbo/Turku, Finland

08.45 Opening of the Symposium: Bengt Kristensson Uggla

09.00 Kent Bloomer: “[The Greeks] called it KOSMOS which means ornament”
Response: Pauline von Bonsdorff

11.00 Melissa Raphael: The Creation of Beauty by its Destruction:
Idoloclasm in Modern and Contemporary Jewish Art
Response: Ruth Illman

12.30 Lunch (at own cost)

14.00 Serafim Seppälä: The Temple of Non-Being
Response: Catharina Raudvere

16.00 Mark C. Taylor: The Aesthetic Turn
Response: Esa Saarinen

17.30 Concluding remarks

The lectures are free of charge. Welcome!

Organizers: The Donner Institute, AmosLAB, The Hjelt Foundations

Symposium website:

You also find the event on facebook: