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p align=”center”>DR. CHARLES H. LONG AND HIS WORKS


p align=”center”> 


p align=”center”>Monday, September 30th, 2013, 10am – 5pm


p align=”center”>Tuesday, October 1st, 2013; 10am – 5pm


p align=”center”>Kellogg Center, Michigan State University Historian of Religion, Charles H. Long, received his B.D. and Ph.D. at University of Chicago, studied with Professor Joachim Wach – pioneer of the History of Religions field; co-founded the international journal, History of Religions; founding Editor, Studies in Religion Series Univ. North Carolina Press; co-Editor in Chief of Religions of the Americas Series, University of New Mexico Press; co-founder, Society for the Study of Black Religion; past President of the American Academy of Religion, Professor Emeritus from University California, Santa Barbara, and Syracuse University. His volume Significations: Signs, Symbols and Images in the Interpretation of Religion continues to inspire new research.

For More Info Contact :

AART Office, 300 Berkey Hall, MSU, 517-432-8668