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The 21st Nordic Conference for Sociology of Religion

The 21st Nordic Conference for Sociology of Religion will take place at Umeå University, Sweden, August 15-17, 2012.

We invite submissions for the following session:

The Role of Religion in the OrganiSation of Health and Welfare

The session will focus on the role of religion in the organization of health

and welfare provision at local, national and global level. Current changes

in welfare systems against the background of global economic pressures and

changes in the role of nation states are intricately bound up with issues of

collective and individual value systems. This session welcomes papers

addressing the role of religion in these processes. Contributions may

address evidence from empirical research and/or theoretical reflection on

issues of religious majority and minority cultures as upholders or

challengers of value systems in welfare, individual religiosity in the

encounter with healthcare services, faith-based organisations as actors in

civil society in the welfare arena (and not least the role such activity can

play in religious socialization) or other related issues.

Abstracts (200 words maximum) should be submitted via the conference website

no later than January 31st, 2012. See to submitt an abstract and for links

to more details on the conference as a whole. For questions about the

session please do not hesitate to contact the session organisers via email.

Session organisers

Annette Leis-Peters, Uppsala Religion and Society Research Centre, Uppsala

University SE & Diakonhjemmet University College, Oslo NO, &