The Donner Institute Prize for Outstanding Research into Religion 2016

The Donner Institute for Research in Religious and Cultural History hereby calls for nominations for its annual prize for outstanding research into religion. The prize is awarded to a researcher in the field for a significant, relatively recent monograph or article, in printed or digital form. The research should have been carried out at a Nordic university.

The prize sum amounts to € 5,000. It was awarded for the first time at the Donner Institute Symposium in June 2010. The prize committee consists of the Donner Institute Board.

Nominations can be made by professors, supervisors and researchers in the field, one cannot however nominate oneself. The nomination of a maximum of two pages should include a short presentation of the researcher and the publication, as well as a motivation why the nominee should be awarded the prize. The nomination and the suggested publication should be sent in two copies to the Donner Institute.

The nominations should be sent by 13 June 2016 to Ruth Illman, secretary of the Donner Institute Board. She will also provide further information on the prize:

Turku, 25 April, 2016

Contact Information:
The Donner Institute
PO Box 70
20501 Turku, Finland