The Donner Research Prize 2016 to Anu Isotalo

The Donner Institute for Research in Religious and Cultural History in Turku has awarded Dr Anu Isotalo from the University of Turku the 2016 prize for outstanding research into religion. Dr Isotalo is awarded for her dissertation Mistä on hyvät tytöt tehty? Somlaitytöt ja maineen merkitykset [What are good girls made of? Somali girls and the meanings of reputation] 

The Donner Institute Prize is awarded annually for outstanding research into religion conducted at a Nordic university. It is intended for researchers in the field of religious studies for a significant and relatively newly published monograph or article in print or digital form. The prize sum is 5,000 Euros.

More information:

On behalf of the Donner Institute Board,

Turku, 10 October 2016

Tage Kurtén

Ruth Illman