THE IDEA OF EUROPEAN ISLAM, by Mohammed Hashas, Routledge 2019

I am very happy to share with you my news; my new book is in print officially from today 07 September 2018: The Idea of European Islam: Religion, Ethics, Politics and Perpetual Modernity, Routledge Islamic Studies Series, © 2019, pp. 330.
The book is prefaced by professor Jocelyne Cesari, Georgetown University and University of Birmingham.
A  Preview of the book (the Introduction, and summaries of chapters) is here in pdf:
Review copy could be requested from here:


Mohammed Hashas’s book points to ways to break away from essentialized and inverted perceptions of Islam and Muslims by focusing on the original thinking of European Muslim thinkers who are providing new theological responses to address the specifics of European Muslims, therefore taking a much needed distance from Middle Eastern and/or salafi religious discourses. His work discusses the specificity of European Islamic thinking and emphasizes the importance of considering it as seriously as we consider thinkers in the Middle East or Asia.

Jocelyne Cesari, Georgetown University and University of Birmingham

In this meticulous and frequently brilliant study of the ideas, practices and precedents of European Islam, Mohammed Hashas illuminates and engages intellectual landscapes at the intersection of geography, theology, philosophy and politics. This book deserves a wide readership. After the dust settles, and it always does, The Idea of European Islam will remain on bookshelves and syllabi for years to come.

Jonathan Laurence, Professor of Political Science, Boston College

In a serious effort to capture the contours and details of European Islam, Mohammed Hashas provides an engaging account of several Muslim thinkers in Europe. He provides a theory to discuss the content of Muslim moral philosophy, theology and politics in conversation with leading thinkers based in Europe and those outside the continent in a search for solutions. Provocative as well as engaging. Anyone interested in one of the most important questions regarding the future of Europe in an age of migration and technological acceleration will find this to be an important book.

Ebrahim Moosa, Professor of Islamic Studies, University of Notre Dame, USA.

Thank you very much for sharing the news among the concerned in your contacts. Looking forward to reading the book’s scholarly reception!