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The International Network for the Study of Science and Belief in Society (INSBS) is inviting applications to the ‘Seed Funding and Small Research Grants’ scheme.

INSBS supports the growth of high-quality international research examining the relationship between science and religion, in relation to cutting-edge social issues and individuals’ lived experiences.

We aim to foster and support research that examines any social or cultural aspect of science, technology, engineering, mathematics or medicine (STEMM) in relation to any religious, spiritual or non-religious tradition, position or worldview, including unbelief.


The Seed Funding and Small Research Grant scheme 2020 – 20201 seeks to promote the growth of the social study of science and religion globally, by supporting the ongoing development of an international network of active academic researchers. This will be achieved through the provision of small grants that stimulate new avenues of individual or collaborative research internationally.

The Seed Funding and Small Research Grant scheme is designed to support academics to conduct socially relevant research in this field which can include, but is not limited to:

·       Small scale research data collection projects

·       Pilot or trial research in order to develop ideas for future larger funding

·       Analysis and write up of data necessary to publish academic papers, chapters or books

More details can be found in the Guidance for Applicants above.

Eligibility Requirements

Researchers at any career stage who work on the social study of science and religion in society may apply. The scheme has been designed to support academics just starting out in their careers in the field or seeking to establish themselves further by conducting socially relevant research in this field.

If you are not currently affiliated to a university, or other institution set-up to receive research grants, please contact us before applying.

Value and Duration

Two levels of grant funding are available:

1) Seed Funding: No less than £1,000 and no more than £5,000

2) Small Research Grants: No less than £5,000 and no more than £20,000

All projects must complete within ten months of the start date. 

All projects are expected to complete no later than 31 July 2021.

Application Process

Please notethat this grant scheme has been revised from its original format in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The scheme will operate on a rolling basis until at least 1 October 2020 when it will be reviewed. As such, the scheme has an open rolling deadline, and applicants can apply anytime up until 1 October 2020.

The Guidance and supporting documents will be available on our website shortly. We will also be running further grant schemes in due course, which are delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Return forms to along with the mandatory supporting documents listed on page 12 of the Guidance for Applicants, including a completed Budget and Timeline using the Excel templates. Your completed application should be sent as a single PDF file.

Contact Details

If you have any questions about the application process, in the first instance, please contact Please also submit your application using the same email address.

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