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The International Social Survey Program (ISSP) “Religion IV” is now freely available

The International Social Survey Program (ISSP) has conducted annual cross-national surveys since 1985. One of its reoccurring topics has been on religion and religious change. The ISSP Religion study was first conducted in 1991. It was fielded in 18 countries which collected 24,970 cases. Religion II was fielded in 1998 by 32 countries with 39,034 cases. Religion III in 2008 covered 46 countries, including four non-ISSP members with funds from the Templeton Foundation (Indonesia, Kenya, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania) with a total of 66,683 cases. Religion IV in 2018 was carried out in 48 countries, including 15 extra countries with funds from the Templeton Religion Trust (Algeria, Cambodia, Ghana, Indonesia, Jordan, Kenya, Malawi, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Nigeria, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, and Vietnam) with a total of 68,186 cases.

Along with the earlier rounds Religion IV is now freely available from the GESIS archive in Cologne as indicated below:

Data access including download in SPSS or Stata format, is offered online via GESIS Search at:

Overview information on this release can be found at the respective “module page” at:

Together with the international ISSP 2018 data set comes the data of “A cross-national and comparative study of religion” in additional 14 countries based on the ISSP questionnaire. The project was chaired by NORC and the data is offered in SPSS or Stata format online via GESIS Search at:

To facilitate the linkage of these data with the international ISSP data set, we are providing match syntax files in SPSS and Stata.

Overview information on the project can be found at: