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The journal Religion and Gender solicits papers

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This is a reminder that the recently launched peer-reviewed, open-access journal Religion and Gender accepts suitable submissions from any thematic area for its open/general section. This might be relevant for colleagues in the UK working on high quality output looking for a suitable venue of publication in time for the REF 2014. Accepted, peer-reviewed articles for the next three issues (3-5) will appear in time for the UK REF2014. As there is limited space, and as the review process – which often results in requests for revision – takes time, we encourage you to submit as soon as possible.

Articles received by 1 August 2012, if accepted after peer review and no revisions are required, will be published in the Autumn 2012 issue.

Articles received by 1 September 2012, if accepted after peer review, will be published in the Spring 2013 issue.

Articles received by 1 February 2013, if accepted after peer review, will be published in the Autumn 2013 issue.

If you make your submission through our online submission system, please mention that you are a UK-based scholar participating in the REF assessment, in order for us to make reviewing and editing your article a top priority.

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The Religion and Gender editors,

Anne-Marie Korte (Utrecht University, Netherlands)

Chia Longman (Ghent University, Belgium)

Burkhard Scherer (Canterbury Christ Church University, UK)

Dr Burkhard Scherer

Reader in Religious Studies

Canterbury Christ Church University, U.K.

Executive Editor “Religion and Gender”,