The Marie Curie ITN ‘Mediating Islam in the Digital Age’ (MIDA): 15 research positions

The Marie Curie ITN proposal ‘Mediating Islam in the Digital Age’ (MIDA) has been launched end of March 2019.


The MIDA-project rests on the premise that digitisation and technological innovation do have a tremendous impact on Islam, the effects of which are diverse and ubiquitous, and they are reminiscent of technical revolutions in the past such as print technology. The rapid changes that are already occurring are generating a sense of loss of control and instability among the general public, politicians, journalists, academics, and, not least, among Muslims themselves. The spread of modern digital media and new technologies of communication, production and dissemination, prompts researchers and social actors, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, to make sense of and understand these developments.


An international consortium of research institutes, universities and non-academic partners in six European countries will conduct research in the next four years and address a broad spectrum of issues related to the general theme. MIDA is coordinated by the ‘Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique’ (CNRS) in Paris.


We are now searching for young researchers for all 15 research positions within the lager project. For more information about the positions and the conditions, please check the following websites: