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The Problem with Numbers in the Study of Religions

The Problem with Numbers in the Study of Religions Diskus Vol 16, No 2 (2014) Guest Editor: Bettina Schmidt

Table of Contents


The Problem with Numbers in Study of Religions: Introduction Bettina Schmidt

Denominations of Faith in the Census
Gunnar Thorvaldsen

Deepening Secularization? How to Read Official Statistics. A Case of the Czech Republic David Václavík

Religion, “Non-Religion” and Indigenous Peoples on the 2011 Australian National Census James L. Cox, Adam Possamai

Counting the converts: investigating change of religion in Scotland and estimating change of religion in England and Wales using data from Scotland’s Census 2001 M. A. Kevin Brice

Ticking “no religion”: A case study amongst “young nones”
Simeon Wallis

Religion, Ethnicity and National Origins: Exploring the Independence of Variables in a Superdiverse Neighbourhood Martin D. Stringer

Surveying an urban ‘umma islamiyya’ in Germany: numbers and issues relating to the religious self-identification Vladislav Serikov

Afterword: Some reflections on numbers in the study of religion David Voas _______________________________________________