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The Vitality of New Religions: Thinking Globally, Existing Locally

Baylor University

Waco (Texas), 5-8 June 2014


The 2014 CESNUR Conference will return to Waco, Texas, and Baylor University, where it will be hosted by the Institute for Studies on Religion. We welcome papers especially on this year’s theme:

“The Vitality of New Religions: Thinking Globally, Existing Locally”

As the 2013 CESNUR conference in Falun focused on the changing scene relative to new religions, this one will focus on space—the global visions projected by new religion and their attempts to embody their vision in local centers. With this theme in mind, we will welcome especially papers on new religious movements in Texas and the American Southwest, including but by no means limited to the Latter-day Saints, the House of Yahweh, Freemasonry, Barsana Dham, the Branch Davidians, and the Texas phase of various national and international new religions.

Papers will also be welcomed on

– 21st-century new, new religions

– Third generation new religions movements

– New religions operation as global networks

– And all those topics upon which you are currently conducting research in our usual, larger area.

Papers and sessions proposals should be submitted by E-mail before the close of business on 21 January 2014 to, accompanied by an abstract of no more than 300 words and a CV of no more than 200 words. Proposals may be submitted either in English or in French.

The conference will begin on Wednesday evening with a reception and opening session, introducing Waco and Texas’ history of new religions which reaches back to Sam Houston and the founders of the Texas Republic. Did you know that Houston corresponded with Joseph Smith, Jr., on the relocation of the Saints to the Republic?

Conference sessions will run through the day on Thursday and Friday, through Saturday morning. Saturday afternoon will be a time for a local tour, which will focus on the Homestead Heritage community north of Waco, and will also provide for an optional visit to the Branch Davidian site.