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Volume 8 (2020): Issue 2 (May 2020) of Sociology of Islam journal has been published

A quarterly  Sociology of Islam journal has been published, collaboration with Georgetown University in Qatar. We have a special issue on Science and Scientific Production in the Middle East and a guest editor for this issue is Professor Ayman Shabana.

You will find the link below:

Volume 8 (2020): Issue 2 (May 2020): CIRS Special Issue of Sociology of Islam edited by Ayman Shabana

  1. Science and Scientific Production in the Middle East Past and Present By: Ayman Shabana
  2. The Increasing Prevalence of Girls in stem Education in the Arab World What Can We Learn? By: Rana Dajani, Sonali Dhawan and Sara M. Awad
  3. A Cruel Innovation: Israeli Experiments on Gaza’s Great March of Return By: Tariq Dana Pages: 175–198 Publication Date: 01 May 2020 Restricted Access Sciences, Technology, and Social Inequality in the Arab World An Analysis from the Maghreb By: Abdelkader Djeflat
  4. Sanctions and the Scientific Community of Iran By: Parviz Tarikhi
  5. Islamic Ethics and the Legitimacy of Scientific Innovation Reproductive Genetic Counseling within the Muslim Context By: Ayman Shabana