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Women negotiating secularism & multiculturalism through civil society organisations, Coventry University

Registration open for: Women negotiating secularism and multiculturalism
through civil society organisations

Coventry University, 30th June – 1st July 2015

Sponsored by the International Society for the Sociology of Religion &
organised by Coventry University, Uppsala University, University of
Helsinki & the Centre for Social Studies, Lisbon.

The second of three workshops asking “Is secularism bad for women?
Women, Religion and Multiculturalism in contemporary Europe”, this
workshop will explore how European societies can secure religious
women’s freedom and flourishing. How can societies ensure both gender
equality and religious freedom, without sacrificing either? What
political arrangements offer the most to those who are religious and
female? Is religion an impediment to women’s freedom, or can it be a
force for social justice, and how should societies negotiate these issues?

This workshop approaches these questions by focusing on what women’s and
religious organisations are doing to address faith, gender, secularism
and multiculturalism. How do these differ by geography or faith group?
To what extent do faith-based organisations working for religious
inclusion in civil society press for gender equality? How do women’s
organisations approach religion, and do they consider religion to be an
equality issue alongside ethnicity, gender, sexuality or disability? How
are women’s faith-based organisations’ working across secular/religious
spheres and with other civil society organisations? How do
theological/hermeneutical approaches inform religious organisations’
work on gender and women’s issues?

Programme: Keynote lectures by Dr Line Nyhagen & Dr Niamh Reilly
Featuring 15 speakers (academic and from women’s organisations) from the
UK, Netherlands, USA, Mauritania, Belgium, Germany & Sweden. Topics
include: Muslim women’s organisations, Christian feminism, FGM,
non-religion & gender, Hindu nationalism, legal regulation of women’s
dress and new media and religion. Details via:

Practical information & how to register: Participation fee (includes
lunch & refreshments): £15 (standard), £10 (unwaged, PhD, post-doc or
civil society organizations). Details via: