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Workshop: “Research Slam”

DEADLINE APPROACHING! The International Association for the study of Religion and Gender (IARG), the Centre for Gender and Diversity of Maastricht University, and the Centre for Research on Culture and Gender of Ghent University invite PhD students to participate in the workshop

“Research Slam”

In association with the symposium “Gender and Diversity in Contemporary Yoga”

Friday, 23 October 2020, 15.00-17.00 (GMT +1)

The global COVID-19 pandemic poses great challenges and new responsibilities for academic institutions and researchers. Worldwide, universities have stopped their activities and ongoing research has been put on hold. The pandemic is affecting many of us in the academic community, especially graduate students: from transitioning to online teaching and learning, canceling research trips and fieldwork to delays in research funding applications, many of us are worried about the effects of the shutdown on our research, and our future in academia, bearing in mind the potential gendered implications of the pandemic. Practicing self-care in such uncertain times has become extremely important. But how do we do it? Social distancing and stay-at-home orders should not prevent us from taking care of ourselves and each other. This workshop is a platform to meet, share and reflect on our experiences with the aim to foster a collective and supportive community for members of the IARG. We invite you to join our two-hour online workshop.
Prof. Ulrike Auga (President of IARG), Prof. Chia Longman (Ghent University), Prof. Lies Wesseling (Maastricht University) and Prof. Maria del Mar Griera (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona) will share their own thoughts and experiences during this crisis and reflect on different ways that (self) care can bring us together. After a short break we invite you to share with us and other members of the IARG your reflections on how the crisis affects your life and study, in a 2-minute slot. Knowing you’re not alone and that others are sharing similar struggles will help us connect and develop self-compassion.
For registration, please send an email with your name and university affiliation to: by 10 October 2020. 
There are two forms of registration:
Option 1 – attendance as a listening participant
Option 2 – contribution to the discussion by giving a 2-minute talk on your own reflections and challenges as an academic.
Please mention your chosen option in your registration email so that we can facilitate a smoother moderation and dialogue among all participants online.